Employee Innovation Program

The goal is to encourage employees to contribute unique solutions and continuous improvement initiatives for Louisville Tile.  The idea can relate to (but not limited to) operations, improving customer experience, identifying something the company is lacking, new products, better processes, or a new business idea altogether that creates return on investment.  It gives everyone an opportunity to have ownership into solutions, feel valued for their ideas and build stronger teams.


  • Winner will receive a monetary reward equaling $2,500. If this project is presented by a team, then the presenting team will split the $2,500 equally. The prize money will be paid to the individual or team that presented the project at the following pay cycle.
  • Recognition in Baked Dirt and Video with Matt Saltzman
  • Finalists will all receive a $50 gift certificate
  • All participants who contributed work and time will be recognized in Baked Dirt


  • Length of Contest – Approximately 3 Months (reoccurring) in 2022.
  • Entry Period and Deadline Dates–
    • First entry period will be from March 1, 2022, thru May 31st, 2022
    • Selection and presentation in June 2022, project start July 2022.
  • Winner Selection –
    • Three finalists will be selected from all entries during the specific entry period by a committee led by Carol Atkins and the SMT.
    • Finalists will then present to the ELT, and they will make the final selection for the contest winner based off a weighted selection matrix where each criteria will be rated between 1 and 5.
      • 1 being the least impact, and 5 being the most.
    • Presentation –
      • Finalist will receive a time and date for their presentation, not to extend more than 30 minutes.
      • Visual aids, including PowerPoint presentation, supporting documents, images or videos may be used.
    • Winner –
      • Leads the implementation of the project with Carol Atkins.


    • To enter, the employee will need to fill out the Innovation form and submit it to the Senior Management Team (Corp-SMT@louisville-tile.com) by midnight on deadline date with subject line EMPLOYEE INNOVATION PROGRAM and YOUR NAME. Download the submission form below. 

For an example of how to calculate ROI, download an example HERE.