electronic tools that make doing business easy

Louisville Tile offers electronic tools that make ordering, paying and tracking orders easier than ever. Get 24/7 access to our products and your order with Decor 24, find out when a special order will be available with our shipping calculator, and view our pricing or place orders straight from your own system with our B2B compatibility.

electronic tools

better customer service through online tools

Decor 24

Decor 24 is a web based portal that allows you as a customer to log on to the Louisville Tile system to retrieve real time data. You can check stock and order status, or even place orders 24/7.


Our B2B compatibility allows you to receive pricing and inventory  information from Louisville Tile directly from your own operating system. You can also place and track orders, and view invoices.

SHIPPING Calculator

The Louisville Tile Shipping Calculator allows you to get up-to-date ETA’s on special orders from all of our vendors. Having accurate information makes the selling process quicker and easier!

DECor 24

Your 24/7 access to all things louisville tile

our entire catalog

Get 24/7 access to our entire catalog of tile, installation materials and tools. You can view your pricing and even check inventory throughout all of our locations.

Place and track orders

Decor 24 allows you to place orders directly from the site while giving you accurate pricing and inventory. You can also check the status or other orders and see purchase history.

online payments

Enter your checking and routing information once, then each time you have an invoice to pay you simply log-in, find the invoice, and pay using your securely stored information.


If you already have a Louisville Tile account, click below to fill out the Decor 2 Sign Up Form



Access all things Louisville Tile directly from your system

B2B allows you to access all things Louisville Tile without ever having to leave your own computer systems. Access pricing and inventory, or even place an order directly from your own system. B2B makes doing business with Louisville Tile easier than ever.

B2B Compatible companies

Special Order

Shipping Calculator

The Louisville Tile Shipping Calculator is the fastest way to find out when your special order tile will be available. Simply choose your branch, the vendor you’ll be ordering from, and your order date. You’ll then be given an accurate date for when your order will be ready for pick up.