P21 FAQs

Table of Contents

Additional Questions?

If you still have questions, you can submit them here. These will be directed to Tim Babb in IT, who will respond to all questions as timely as possible. Please read the below FAQs before submitting additional questions.

Training & Onboarding

Who's going to train us?

P21 has a library of videos already built on the system which walks you through the processes. Along with that we will have our current training staff, as well as subject matter experts from each department who will be trained up as they learn by helping test and build the new system. Additonally, P21 will have a play enviorment where users can go to run through test scenarios or just navigate the system with no possiblity to cause any issues or accidently place order.

Will we be trained before Go-Live?

Yes, All employees will go through standard training before go live. This will be a mixture of using P21's extensive learning platform with videos, teams training sessions, and in person training.

what type of training will be offered? Only teams?

We plan to offer a wide range of training as we understand the magnitude of this change. We will be offering training through pre recorded videos, teams training, scenarios to walk through in the play environment, and in person training at the branches.

Will there be any follow up/Refresher training after the initial implementation?

Yes, we will continue to offer training after go Live, These trainings will be built just like our training program in Louisville Tile University today, where the team can sign up at any time no questions asked. Additionally if more in person training is needed, we will address and come up with a plan at that time.

Data Migration & Integration

Will all the data be moved to the new system?

We plan to move any "GOOD and VALID" data from our current Kerridge and P21 system into our new system. This will come with the expectations that the teams when asked do their part to help review and cleanup the current data we have in our systems today.

Will we lose access to history from the old systems?

We will be leaving the old Kerridge system up and running for users to go back and find any kind of historic data they may need.

Are we going to get better part descriptions?

As part of the process, we will be working with the items and core team to decide if our current standard and naming conventions for items as well all other master files is the best practice. If there are improvements to be made, we will make them.

How will All orders be moved to the new system?

As of now, the decision on how all orders will be moved to the new system is still under consideration. The implementation team is currently evaluating different data migration strategies to ensure a smooth transition of all orders from the legacy system to the new ERP system. Once a decision is made, we will communicate the migration plan to all relevant stakeholders and ensure that the process is executed with utmost care to maintain data accuracy and integrity. Rest assured, we are committed to making the transition as seamless as possible to minimize any disruptions to our operations.

Will I be able to look up old orders?

Yes, we will be leaving all Kerridge programs up and running for users to go back to look and find any historic information that may be needed.

Will the new ERP integrate with other Software Applications we use today?

When we selected P21, we did it knowing its vast capabilities to integrate with other programs and platforms. P21 will integrate with Salesforce from day one. We are also looking implement other integrations like payment processing, freight quoting, etc. all from the P21 program itself.

Customer Information & CRM

Are we going to have a new online customer portal?

Yes, we will be implementing a new customer portal as our current Décor 24 is a program through our current ERP system.

How will this affect our customers? What Learning curve will they have?

As always we want the our clients and customers to view Louisville Tile as "Easy to do business with", so we will do everything in our power to not create any additional hurdles for them to do business with us.

How will the new ERP system improve our ability to manage customer information and interactions?

 P21 will allow for more customizable interactions with our customers. Also with Salesforce and P21 being integrated, both systems will aid on additional interactions and information gathering.

Support & Trouble Shooting

Who would support me?

Our organization has designated individuals throughout our organization on a core team for this implementation which represent all functional areas of the business to support you through this implementation.

Where do I send questions/concerns?

All questions or concerns should be sent Alan Morris in I.T. He will then make sure to filter it to the right team member for response.

how quickly can I expect a response from the support team if we encounter an urgent issue?

Our expectations and focus will be to address and look into any urgent issues as quickly as we can. When the time comes, we will have a full support plan in place to ensure business needs are impacted as little as possible.

Reporting & Analytics

Am I going to get the same reports?

The new system provides a wide range of reporting capabilities, we should be able to replicate any report you are getting today. We would recommend for any reports you are getting today, you begin now documenting where and how you are getting the information and the report criteria within each report.

How will this affect commissions?

Commissions today are built inside of salesforce, so you should not see any change to your commissions.

How will the new ERP system enhance our reporting capabilities compared to our current system?

P21 is a Modern ERP and pulling reports and data from it are much easier than our current system that really has its default reports and that is it. P21 will make it easier to get data and information into Salesforce, Power BI, and our Report Server.

General Business Questions

Will our department get more people?

 The implementation of P21 will not directly impact staffing, but staffing is continually reviewed. Please continue to discuss staffing needs with your supervisor.

When does it start?

Our current target is to have the new system up and running June 2024. We will first be launching this in Chicago as they are already on this software. They will use and test for any bugs or improvements to be made for 2-3 months before we roll it out to the rest of the company in Q3 of 2024.

Why does it take so long to change to the new system?

In this change to this new system, the core team will not just be rebuilding what we have today, they will be working through the capabilities of the new system and what it has to offer and deciding option by option if "How we have always done it" is really the best and most efficient way in the new system. Also we will be cleaning up and standardizing how we keep and house all the data which takes a tremendous amount of time and hours to sort through.

How much did it cost?

The cost of this ERP software is inconsequential when compared to the efficiency gains we will all see.

Is anyone going to lose their job?

The purpose of implementing an ERP system is to create efficiencies that will allow us to do more with what we have now. This means more opportunities for our employees to shine in new roles and responsibilities.

Am I going to be required to put in extra hours?

An ERP implementation of this scale is no simple feat. Extra time and effort will be needed from all of us to accomplish this. The benefits gained will be worth it.

I'm already busy with daily expectations, how can I be expected to prepare for the change?

With the need to know and learn a new system, there will be some added time and expectations for a short time while we work through the process. The core team will be working with your manager to make sure we manage your time to be able to focus on the daily expectations as well as learning the new system.

Do I get a new computer?

As part of the implementation, an audit will be conducted to determine what hardware challenges we have, and what needs to be upgraded prior to Go-Live

Will this affect vacation scheduling?

This is something that you will need to work with you manager on and plan accordingly if you will be out. The Core team will be sure to give everyone as much of a heads up as possible for when the timeframe comes to train and any other involvement that may be needed.

I already work really hard today, am I going to be expected to work harder in the new system?

 While the transition from Kerridge to P21 will be challenging, once we make the switch the goal is to have some automation take some tasks off users and allow for more customer facing tasks.

How long will the implementation take? When that day comes will it be like a flip of the switch?

We are currently looking at Q2-Q3 2024 to launch and implement P21. When the day comes, the idea is that you will have had all the needed and necessary training, that we will flip the switch, and all work you had done in the old system would now be done in P21.

What steps will be taken to ensure minimal distractions to the daily operations during implementation?

During the implementation, we will follow a carefully planned approach, including thorough testing and training to minimize disruptions to daily operations. Our team will work closely with you, offering dedicated support to address any issues promptly.

General Software Questions

Was Epicor the right choice?

We absolutely believe that Epicor and P21 were the right choice for our business after careful consideration and many hours of the team digging in and qualifying the system and what it offers. We believe its abilities will help us go to the next level streamlining many processes along the way.

Who picked the software?

In a thorough process, the ELT, SMT, and key members of management met with the team at P21 to learn about the system and its abilities. Additionally we were fortunate enough to have had a look behind the curtain when we acquired Mid America Tile as they were already on this software.

What new features are there?

With P21 the sky is really the limit for new features. Some initial ones we have talked about are payment processing and freight quotes all right in the order entry screen. P21 is highly customizable and compatible to integrate with other programs, so this will make adding more features down the road easier, quicker, and more economical than ever.

Will I be able to access the system remotely? (e.g. home)

Yes, P21 is able to be accessed remotely through being on the VPN just like our system today.

Will the new system be able to do everything the legacy system can do?

The new system was carefully selected to ensure that it can perform all critical functions that the legacy system currently handles. During the evaluation process, we verified that the new system meets or exceeds the functionalities of the legacy system. Additionally, we will be able to customize and configure the new system to cater to our specific business needs.

What specific benefits can we expect from the new ERP software that our current system lacks?

Some of the specific benefits as stated already is the ability to build in some of the pieces of the process right into the system like payment processing and Freight quotes. Other things that users may not see day to day, but are benefits are things like Increased support from P21, the vast resources and system improvements that P21 offers, the ability to customize and integrate with other programs are huge benefits that we just don't have today.

Can you provide examples of other companies in our industry that have successfully implemented this ERP system?

Arizona tile, Olympia Tile, Trinity Tile, United Tile, Mosaic Tile, Merona Tile, and Conestoga Ceramic Tile