Louisville Tile Distributors recently hosted two conferences and trade shows for its sales and branch managers, held in Nashville, Tennessee, and Indianapolis, Indiana. With the theme, “Elevated Execution,” the events were designed to engage, inspire, and empower Louisville’s sales and branch management teams, while fostering connections with vendors. 

The program included presentations, workshops and collaborative sessions to help sales and branch leadership teams to enhance skills, share insights, and hone their abilities to execute at the highest level. 

“True success in serving our customers starts by empowering our employees,” said Brian Combs, senior vice president of strategy at Louisville Tile. “Through prioritizing their growth and development, we establish a solid groundwork for delivering exceptional service and fostering enduring relationships. Our recent meetings truly exemplified this philosophy, and the overwhelming feedback and motivation that followed were truly remarkable.” 

On the final day of each conference, Louisville Tile hosted a trade show, giving participating vendors a platform to showcase their latest products, innovations, and solutions. The trade show facilitated meaningful conversations, enabling teams to forge stronger partnerships, explore new business opportunities, and gain valuable insights into industry trends.