Chattanooga, TN

Hunter Museum of American Art

Designed By: Heidi Hefferlin and Jen Collie | Hefferlin + Kronenberg Architects

Louisville Tile Specifier: Bethe Motlow

Material Used: Atlas Concorde Marvel and Marvel Pro in 9 different color ways. Cut into 9″ planks, from 18″x36″ matte tiles.

New Look For Hunter Museum

Bethe Motlow and Louisville Tile are honored that H+K and the Hunter Museum chose to work with Louisville Tile as part of this redesign. The full project included tons of landscape work, a new open staircase with handicap ramp, and a completely reimagined terrace restroom design.

Small but Impactful

Although the restroom addition was only part of the overall project, it is so impactful for the Hunter Museum. The restroom design has a separate men and women large rooms that are stalled and doored. These larger rooms spill into on center area, creating shared sinks. This was an ingenious choice by the architects, given there was such limited space for the addition. There is also a bridal dressing room off to one side. 

9 colors, 1 space

To create this look, the designer wanted to use NINE different colors from two different Atlas Concorde series- Marvel and Marvel Pro. The 18″x36″ original size was cut down to 9″ planks, allowing for the pattern to be created. Bethe with Louisville Tile was able take the designer’s vision and find the perfect tile to help bring it to life. This truly is a show piece, and the tile is everything in this space. They were so happy with the results, they were kind enough to invite Bethe to their opening party! 

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