Elegant Bathroom Tile Inspiration
Evansville, Indiana

Elegant & Timeless Bathroom

S.C. Terry Designs

Tyler DeWeese Chandler- Louisville Tile of Evansville

Neutral, Timeless & Elegant

This project by S.C. Terry Designs was a residential remodel in Evansville, Indiana. The homeowners were a very busy young couple with several young children. They wanted to feel like they had a luxurious bathroom, but didn’t want to spend a great amount of time or energy maintaining their floors and and shower walls. The bathroom needed to be neutral, timeless and elegant, but without the upkeep that comes with using something like natural stone.

The Right Material

Porcelain tile is a great choice when looking for a low maintenance option in any space, especially in a bathroom or shower installation. No matter what look you are going for, chances are you can find it in porcelain tile.

After a few trips to the Louisville Tile showroom in Evansville, the designer decided on Mayfair by Anatolia. The Mayfair series is offered in several different sizes and finishing, making it very versatile. Utilizing those options the designer was able to do a great deal of customization, achieving the tranquil vibes the homeowner was seeking. 

Design to Set it apart

While the homeowners wanted a timeless look, they also wanted their space to stand out from your traditional marble bath. To achieve this, the design chose to frame the mosaic on the back wall of the shower. This added an element of interest that sets their space apart.

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