Clean and Classic Bathroom Tile White Marble Subway
Louisville, Kentucky

Clean & Classic Tile Bathroom

Kristal Smith- Redsmith Construction LLC.

Lindsey Allen- Louisville Tile (Louisville Showroom)

Clean Color Pallet

Louisville Tile’s Profiles Ice White Subway Tile kept with the time of the home, and created a clean, crisp pallet that helped balance the more detailed wallpaper. The coordinating chair rail was used to achieve a more traditional design by finishing the edges of the subway and framing the vanity mirrors. A tile cove base was incorporated to create a seamless transition from wall to floor.

Timeless Material

For this residential project, the homeowner sought to achieve a clean and classic design for their bathroom. Louisville Tile has many options to choose from, however, the client and I, along with Redsmith Construction LLC, decided that the timeless look of marble would aide in keeping with the historical aspect of the home, as well as achieve the look the homeowner was searching for. Because bardiglio marble tends to have a blue undertone, Nasco’s honed carrara basketweave that incorporates a dot of bardiglio was used to tie in the client’s choice of wallpaper.

Clean & Classic

Overall, the project combined timeless materials with a clean color pallet to achieve a beautiful bathroom design that keeps with the historical aspects of the home. The customer was very pleased, and we look forward to working together on future projects to come!

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