Kingsport, Tennessee

Eastman Credit Union

Owner: Eastman Credit Union

General Contractor: GRC Construction

Architect: CainRashWest

Louisville Tile Rep: Rebecca Castleberry

Eastman Credit Union (ECU) is the largest credit union in TN and one of the largest  in the country. To ensure that employees are trained and equipped to offer the personalized attention that’s the ECU standard, the organization recently opened a new  Support Center in Kingsport, Tennessee. This state-of-the-art facility is a hub for staff members, thoughtfully designed to exemplify ECU’s commitment to creating quality experiences at every level within the organization. CainRashWest Architects was chosen to lead the business center’s design. The firm was tasked with envisioning a new, free-standing, four-story facility that would include several conference rooms, training areas, and offices. 

Porcelain Tile Panels

To achieve the desired aesthetic, the CainRashWest team chose Crossville’s Naturali porcelain tile panels for the walls in the Travertino Avorio hue. This surfacing solution offers a soothing color that coordinates beautifully with other materials, including the Crossville floor tile. Used to skin the walls in the main hallways and throughout the restrooms, the sophisticated porcelain tile panels provide durability in a very lean profile that is ideal for the wall applications. Long-term, the tile panels will be easily maintained while retaining their elegant appearance—a key point for those managing the upkeep of the busy facility and seeking lasting materials that will stay stylish for years to come.

Complimentary Collections

For the floors in the lobby and restrooms, the team specified a complementary Crossville collection with the right look and performance characteristics. Throughout the lobby, the team chose to install a darker neutral tone tile in the middle of the floor and edged the hallway with lighter tones, providing pathway directional support., Crossville’s porcelain tile is easy to maintain with simple and regular cleaning.

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