Care and Maintenance with Fila Solutions


Tile and grout are going to get dirty, it’s inevitable. Luckily, cleaning it, and keeping it clean, doesn’t have to be hard. Fila Solutions has a product to clean up just about any scenario, and Louisville Tile carries them all. Every material needs a specific treatment that protects and enhances surfaces phase-after-phase. From pre-treatment to maintenance, the Fila System will keep your surfaces looking like new. We keep stock in most of these products to ensure you can keep your tile looking as good as the day you bought it.


After floor renovations or the purchase of a new home, it is essential to properly wash the surfaces to remove any cement, concrete and glue residue leftover from installation. Unfortunately, post installation cleaning is often ignored or carried out using products not specifically designed for this purpose. Over time, this can lead to staining and surface discoloration. With Louisville Tile and Fila, you can avoid these issues by properly cleaning after the installation is complete.

Grout Haze Removal Guide

First Clean for Stone



Protecting surfaces against stains and humidity is imperative for maintaining their technical properties and aesthetic appearance. It is important to choose the right product based on material, location (inside or outside), type of protection (water repellent or stain proofing) and desired look (natural or color-enhancing).

Sealing Porcelain Tile Guide

Stone Sealing Guide



Ordinary maintenance is nothing more than everyday cleaning. It removes dirt and fingerprints and reinforces the protective layer. Fila cleaners are created with simple, everyday cleaning in mind! Every once in a while, extraordinary maintenance is required, for instance: to remove stains or old layers of wax and to restore the polished finish of a dull surface… FILA offers a vast range of cleaners and stain removers for the maintenance of floors and tiled surfaces.

Routine Maintenance Guide

Grease Removal Guide