tile installation and technical Information


Installing Tile Over Tile

Installing a new tile job over existing tile is a great way to update the look of your room without having to remove the old floor. It saves money when compared to paying someone to pull out the old tile. Or, if you are doing it yourself, it will save a ton of time and possible frustration.



Tile Leveling Systems

The most crucial part of any tile installation is ensuring that you've got a level, flat surface when the job is done. While a leveling system by itself doesn't guarantee a flat floor/wall, when combined with accepted installation practices and quality workmanship, they can aid in giving you a successful install.



Cement Tile Installation and Maintenance

Cement tile continues to grow in popularity because of it's unique look and vibrant colors. They also come with their own set of installation and maintenance challenges that you should know about before you decide to use cement tile for your next project.


Care and Maintenance With Fila Products

Tile and grout are going to get dirty, it's inevitable. Luckily, cleaning it, and keeping it clean, doesn't have to be hard. Fila Solutions has a product to clean up just about any scenario, and Louisville Tile carries them all.


Large Format Tile Benefits and Installation

Large format tiles come in a variety of styles, patterns and colors. From concrete, to marble, to polished porcelain to stone, you can find just about any look in large format. While they are a beautiful option for a variety of projects, they also come with their own set of installation hurdles.


Glass Tile and How to Install It

Glass tile, while beautiful, can present it's own set of installation challenges. Like any installation, you should always follow the manufacturer's recommendations and instructions. That being said, below we will provide some tips and tricks to help your installation go a bit smoother.


The Importance of Lighting Placement

Even with a perfect tile installation, some light distortion caused by the natural variation in the tile's surface is inevitable. Lighting can take the smallest variance and cast a large shadow. The severity of the shadow is determined by the angle of the light. Obviously the most critical view is seen when the light source washes straight down or across the surface of the tile, making lightning placement a critical aspect on every project.