Atlas Concorde Large Format Tile Survey

Louisville Tile attempts to stay on the leading edge of color, style and design, while maintaining a balance with practicability. We are seeing a trend towards larger and larger floor tile and know we must find ways to show, promote and sell the larger sizes. To that end, we have developed a program with Atlas Concorde where we show, stock and sell a collection of 24×48 tiles. The plan includes a 24×48 display, for each showroom, shown below . There will be as many as 12 extra displays to use in the field, at key dealers.  An install of 24×48 tile in each showrooms will be part of the promotion. The display holds 10-24×48 tiles, which will be divided evenly between Tennessee produced, and in-stock Atlas Italy.

This is where we need your immediate help . Below is a two part survey – part one is Atlas 2020 Cersaie and part two is the Summer promotion . With your input, we will select the top two tiles from part one and the top three tiles from part two .  Thank you for your help, assistance and input.

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